Francisco "Frank" Rivera

for Chula Vista City Council

District One

The experience and skills to lead our community.

"Frank Rivera has spent his entire professional life making Chula Vista a better place to live and work." Mayor Mary Casillas Salas

"Frank Rivera supports the Police and Fire Departments and will keep our communities safe." Police Chief David Bejarano, Ret.

"Frank Rivera is the endorsed candidate of the community-driven Eastlake Bonita Democratic Club because, as a longtime district resident and civil servant, he is uniquely qualified and deeply committed to creating a better Chula Vista for us all." Nadia Kean-Ayub, President of the Eastlake Bonita Democratic Club

"We have endorsed Frank for many reasons - most importantly, because he will work hard to make Chula Vista a place for all to thrive. He has the institutional knowledge, relationships, and public agency experience needed to make this city a place of opportunity and innovation." Christine Antoine, President of Chula Vista Democratic Club

"I'm impressed by Frank Rivera's commitment to his community and his vision of a greener Chula Vista that addresses environmental justice, climate action, and protection for natural areas. Frank's record of experience as a civil engineer with decades of city planning work will serve him well in making informed decisions for the future of his district and the city of Chula Vista." Richard Ram, Democrats for Environmental Action

About Francisco

Frank and his family have lived in their house in District 1 for over twenty years. In his 37 year career as Civil and Traffic Engineer at the City of Chula Vista, Frank has been the person routinely trusted on most of the major issues and projects, our elected officials vote on. He is easily the most qualified candidate to lead Chula Vista to the quality of life we all envision.

Frank's numerous accomplishments for Chula Vista in planning and engineering include major land development projects, drainage & sewer infrastructure projects, and transportation projects. Transit improvements, new roads, freeways, the toll road, and railroad corridor improvements are just a few of the things he has already done for us. We need to ensure that Chula Vista’s infrastructure keeps up with the growth of the city so that our quality of life always improves.

Frank has the ethics, history, integrity, knowledge, and skills for the job. He has worked on projects that has made every corner of Chula Vista better than when he arrived. Frank knows Chula Vista, its’ issues and most importantly, knows us.

He currently serves as a Commissioner of the Chula Vista Measure A Citizens' Oversight Committee

Frank, his wife Marta and their son


  • A Safer, More Accessible, Family-Friendly District:

    • Preserve and Maintain our Parks and Recreational Spaces

    • Better Response Times from Emergency Services

    • A Greater Variety of Shopping, Dining, Services, and Social Venues in Our District

  • Transparency in City Government Decisions

    • Lead Chula Vista City Council with transparent decision-making.

    • Prioritizing community involvement and constituent outreach.

    • A city government whose primary consideration in each council vote will be, “How will this affect Chula Vista residents?”


  • End Homelessness in Our District

Collaborate with the City of San Diego, National City, and the County of San Diego to end homelessness in our region.

Get recently homeless people the resources they need to get their life turned around as quickly as possible so that their temporary situation does not become permanent.

Create a sustained city effort to reach the long-term homeless populations that need mental and economic support.

  • Eliminate Toll Road Fees

Eliminate the SR-125 toll road fees 15 years sooner than anticipated.

  • Expand city programs that assist seniors.

Identify local & regional transportation services readily available to seniors

Expand the city shuttle service for seniors.

  • Better Emergency Response Times

Work with the police department to improve police coverage in our district.

Support our local firefighters to attract and retain more firefighters in our district.

Negotiate better ambulance contracts with improved services.

  • Attract Businesses and Services to our Commercial Centers

Attract Quality Anchor Stores.

Attract diverse shops and restaurant .

Cultivate social events and venues.

  • Support Our Communities Against COVID 19.

Work with our County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency to reach out to hard to vaccinate groups and areas.

Provide support for the families of those that have lost loved ones and long-term sufferers of COVID 19.

  • Find better ways to help keep housing affordable.

Work with the developers to find ways that housing can be provided quickly and as affordably as possible while still meeting all local, state, and federal requirements.

  • Complete The Bayfront

A vibrant and active Chula Vista Bayfront will help our communities thrive as we move to reinvigorate our economy following COVID!


Awards and Recognitions

  • 2017 San Diego County Bicycle Coalition Momentum Awards: Public Partner Award

  • 2017 Chula Vista City of Champions Award recipient

  • 2015 American Public Works Association San Diego County & Imperial County Chapter: Outstanding Service in Public Agency Award

  • Institute of Transportation Engineers - Fellow Grade

Labor Leadership

  • Frank Rivera has been a union member for more than 30 years and has been a labor representative for over a decade. On behalf of his fellow union workers, he has negotiated multiple contracts for:

    • Service Employees International Union Local 221 as Executive Board Cities Representative

    • Western Council of Engineers

    • Mid-Managers/Professional Association

  • Labor representative on Measure A Citizens’ Oversight Committee.

Professional Experience

Professional engineer for the City of Chula Vista for over 37 years.
  • Public Safety Experience

    • Chula Vista Elementary School Safety Taskforce, Staff Liaison.

    • Public Safety Oversight Commission (Measure A) Member.

    • Traffic Safety Commission, Staff Liaison.

  • Neighborhood Housing Development Experience

    • Oversaw entitlement and issuance of over 6,500 building permits within a 36-month period.

    • Technical Adviser to the General Plan, Urban Core Specific Plan.

    • Secured infrastructure permits for Eastlake, Rancho Del Rey, Rolling Hills Ranch, San Miguel Ranch, and Sunbow developments for wastewater, drainage and traffic developments.

  • City Infrastructure Experience

    • Improving Local Public Transportation

      • Managed South Bay Bus Rapid Transit Route 225 project along East Palomar Street.

      • Chula Vista Representative SANDAG’s Cities/County Transportation Advisory Committee,

      • Chula Vista Representative on the Traffic Engineers Council & Active Transportation Working Group.

    • Improving Walking and Biking in Chula Vista

      • Caltrans Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee.

      • Oversaw the development of the Pedestrian Master Plan and the Bicycle Master Plan

      • Secured Bayshore Bikeway construction.

      • Technical Adviser to the Bike Lanes on Broadway Feasibility Study.

      • Under Frank's Leadership, Chula Vista was designated a Bronze Level "Bicycle Friendly Community" by the League of American Bicyclists.

    • Improving Our Streets, Highways and Traffic

      • Appropriated $50 million from SANDAG for transit funding

      • Oversaw the upgrades of four I-805 highway interchanges to alleviate traffic congestion.

      • Managed local street improvements at East H Street, Telegraph Canyon Road, Olympic Parkway & Main Street, including the E. Palomar Street Direct Access Ramp project.

      • Technical Adviser and Approver to the Interstate-5 (I-5) South Multi-modal Corridor Study

  • Developing our Parks and Open Space Preserves

    • Technical Adviser to the General Plan, Urban Core Specific Plan, Palomar Gateway District Specific Plan, Main Street (Corridor) Streetscape Master Plan, F Street Promenade Streetscape Master Plan

  • Developing Our Bayfront

    • Established the Western Transportation and subsequent Bayfront Development Programs.


Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering, United States International University, San Diego, CA . 1988

California Professional License Civil Engineering

California Professional License Traffic Engineering

Phone: (619) 500-3558